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Grade A Teak Outdoor Furniture: Everything You Need to Know

Apr 18, 2023Trevor Ferguson

For many, grade A teak evokes beautiful yachts, stunning Danish midcentury modern furniture, and stylishly furnished outdoor spaces. Fine teak furniture has been prized for centuries for its mix of beauty and durability. Today, people frequently use it to furnish their outdoor spaces. 

Investing in high-quality teak such as the outdoor dining sets and lounge collections available from Teak + Table can not only elevate your patio but also be a game changer in the long run. Read on to learn why quality teak is worth splurging on.

Grades of Teak

There are several grades of teak furniture - A, B, C, and D grade. The grade is determined by what part of the teak tree the wood comes from. B, C, and D grades typically come from the outer core of a tree and can usually be differentiated by their color — lesser grades present reddish and dark brown hues while grade A teak, which comes from the heartwood, has a honey-like complexion.

Lesser grades of teak such as C and D grade teak are also known as sapwood and are not recommended for outdoor furniture. They can make wonderful indoor pieces but will easily be damaged by outdoor elements

Grade B teak can be a little more difficult to differentiate from grade A — the biggest indicator that the wood is not grade A is when you examine the color. Grade A teak maintains a consistent honey hue with close grains and a glossy sheen caused by the high oil content. Comparatively, grade B teak and lesser grades will often have a higher volume of color variation from sporadic tan splashes, darker brown patches, and grey and black veins between them. The wood will also have less shine and the wood may show markings like knots and grain twisting. On close examination, you may see fillers in the wood which are put in to compensate for inconsistencies in the wood grain.

An ashy and powdery film may form on grade B teak which can create an awkward finish. This doesn’t happen with grade A teak because the wood is sourced from the inner core of the tree making it stronger than other grades and less resistant to discoloration caused over time by direct sunlight and ambient moisture.

Why Choose Grade A Teak for Outdoor Furniture?

Although it comes at a higher price tag, grade A teak is far superior to other grades and comes with a range of benefits. Aside from its even honey color and glossy sheen, grade A teak outdoor furniture is also weather-resistant all year long, even in colder months meaning you can rely on it not to warp or crack — from blizzards to thunderstorms, grade A teak patio furniture can withstand the elements year after year.

The structural integrity of grade A teak lends itself to be resistant to pest damage, moisture retention, and UV damage. This is because the natural oils and rubbers work to preserve the wood, ensuring a much longer life span than other grades. This makes it a wise investment when considering your purchase of teak furniture for your patio.

grade a teak chaise lounge poolside

How Long Does Grade A Teak Last?

If cared for properly, outdoor teak furniture can last 30 to 40 years. Indoor teak furniture will last around 75 years, though it may endure for up to 100 years. This highly durable wood lasts much longer than other materials for both indoor and outdoor furniture. When it comes to choosing which grade of teak to purchase, remember: you get what you pay for.

Plantation-Grown Teak

Teak comes from hardwood trees that grow primarily in the monsoon rainforests of India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, and Indonesia. Now, if you purchase teak furniture, the wood is more likely to have originated on a plantation in Indonesia because of over-logging in these rainforests. Plantation-grown teak was once thought to be less durable than timber from old teak trees, but studies demonstrate that they perform similarly in terms of

  • Warping
  • Surface checking
  • Dimensional stability
  • Erosion rate

Plantation-grown wood is on par with old-growth teak. and purchasing plantation-grown teak is more sustainable and does not deplete the rainforests. See our grade-A teak furniture get made in our teak factory.

How Is Grade A Teak Certified?

Much of the world’s grade A teak comes from plantations in Indonesia. These plantations are regulated by a state agency called the Perum Perhutani. This agency controls all teak in Indonesia. They control the number of trees that are felled and harvested to ensure sustainability and work to prevent illegal logging. They also take steps to protect the biodiversity of crops and help local communities share in the economic benefits of teak harvesting. Look for an SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu) certification or Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance System (INDO-TLAS) to ensure the sustainability and legality of timber wood, including teak. Not only can you trust that teak with this certification is legally and ethically harvested, but also you can trust that any grade A teak labeling is accurate.

Grade A Teak Outdoor Furniture for Your Space

From cutting boards to midcentury modern dressers, teak is a prized material for many of the items around your home. Because of its durability, grade A teak outdoor furniture is a great choice for outfitting your patio, backyard, deck, or any outdoor space. From outdoor dining tables to chaise lounges, you can find a wide range of teak outdoor furniture.

One great feature of a grade A teak dining table is that it provides a big surface for viewing all the intricacies of fine teak wood. The wood grain is on full display for you to appreciate.

Don’t be fooled by the one honey hue when it comes to using grade A teak for your outdoor decor. Our bespoke collections boast a range of styles such as Caribbean, coastal, rustic, and many more to help you build your backyard oasis. 

At TEAK + TABLE, we are proud to offer the highest quality teak for your outdoor spaces. Our collections of grade A teak outdoor furniture are made from teak that is:


  • Grade A
  • Plantation-grown
  • SVLK certified
  • Sustainable

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