SVLK Teak Certification

SVLK Teak Certification

Sep 17, 2020Teak + Table Outdoor Admin

Author Trevor Ferguson / Category Outdoor Furniture / Published: SEPT-17-2020

We get it - you probably have done WAY too much research and gone down WAY too many rabbit holes into researching teak and still don’t really know how to tell what’s good from what’s great so we decided to give you all the information in one easy place. (Thank us later.)

A lot of terminology gets thrown around in teak because there’s a lot that goes into making the right type of teak furniture.

Teak wood, particularly that used in Indonesian teak furniture, should be sustainably harvested. One of the easiest ways to ensure the teak you are buying is sustainable is by making sure it has an SVLK certification. But what exactly is an SVLK certification and how does it ensure you’re buying the right type of teak?

What Is SVLK Certification?

Most of the grade A teak in the world comes from Indonesia so the Indonesian government takes care to ensure its timber is the best possible and will be around for generations to come. The SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu) certification, also known as the Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance System (INDO-TLAS) guarantees the legality and sustainability of its timber exports, most importantly teak.

Because Indonesian teak is such a hot commodity, many people try to exploit the market by claiming to have legally harvested the highest quality teak when in reality they had no right to the timber.

SVLK certification guarantees only legal timber is harvested and exported from Indonesia. This certification also manages sustainable forestry practices while reducing illegal logging and trading. In short, make sure any teak you buy boasts the SVLK certification to do your part in ensuring the viability of teak forests for years to come.

Teak + Table Outdoor Furniture - Trestle Table

Teak + Table Outdoor Furniture - Trestle Table

Perum Perhutani - Teak Forestry Protection

The Indonesian Ministry of Forestry plays a vital role in overseeing the production and harvest of all teak. The Ministry actually owns Perum Perhutani, which manages all teak forest plantations with agroforestry, guaranteeing biodiversity in the crops and providing economic benefits to the local communities. Perum Perhutani ensures that teak is sustainable and financially beneficial for all Indonesian economies involved in the timber harvest process.

SVLK certification is required BY LAW in order for Indonesian timber (teak) to be exported into most countries.

Teak and Table Outdoor Furniture - Atlantic Lifestyle Set

Doing Our Part

Teak+Table is proud to boast SVLK certification for all of its exclusive line of teak outdoor furniture. Sure, beautiful furniture is good but beautiful and sustainable furniture is even better. Teak+Table is committed to only utilizing sustainably harvested Indonesian teak in its namesake line. You should know where your teak comes from and should feel good about the local communities your purchase supports.

Teak+Table is proud to be a family owned and operated company doing its part to support additional family owned and operated organizations around the globe. We're proud to provide quality teak outdoor furniture. The SVLK certification guarantees you’re purchasing a product you can feel good about.

Teak + Table Outdoor Furniture - Caicos Chair Closeup

Teak + Table Outdoor Furniture - Caicos Chair Closeup

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