Can Luxury Cabana Outdoor Furniture Increase Your ROI?

Can Luxury Cabana Outdoor Furniture Increase Your ROI?

May 24, 2022Mike Whittenberger

Elevating your resort furniture and cabana designs are two of the best ways to maintain positive online ratings and increase your Return On Investment (ROI). One of the most critical aspects of booking guests and receiving excellent reviews is providing your guests with top-tier amenities, including luxurious outdoor cabana furniture. Surround your pool or private beach with high-end pieces that say "glamorous," "stylish," and "comfort." When you accomplish this goal, you're sure to impress all those who stay with you, encouraging them to refer your resort to friends and also to return themselves.

Knowing when to upgrade your cabana designs and resort furniture is crucial for the buying process. It can be a detail that some managers and owners overlook, but ultimately it can significantly increase your ROI. At Teak + Table, we supply countless establishments with the most fabulous outdoor cabana furniture on the market. Our design partners are here to help you design the best space for your specific hotel.

Keep reading to learn more about increasing revenue with the best resort furniture, and join our Furniture Trade Program for exclusive perks and pricing.

When to Upgrade Your Resort Furniture & Cabana Designs

Outdoor furniture doesn't last forever, and knowing the best time to replace outdated pieces is essential. To do this, it's crucial to evaluate your existing pieces continuously and to listen to your guests. Visitors who aren't pleased with your cabana outdoor furniture are more than likely to mention it in their online reviews, which can bring down your prized 5-star rating.

When going on vacation, everyone expects an environment where they can unwind, relax, and experience mental and physical rejuvenation. They want to lounge by the water while enjoying delicious food and drinks and engaging in pleasant conversation, all in incredible comfort. If this doesn't happen, customer satisfaction is sure to drop.

On the other hand, when you maintain excellent resort furniture, your guests will be sure to remember. These pieces can lead to raving reviews and referrals to friends, which all help your business to remain profitable.

When your cabana designs and resort furniture begin to show signs of wear and tear, it's time to consider replacing the items with pieces that are beautiful and new. Look for things like weathered or splintered wood, discoloration, rips or tears in the fabric, or cushions that have lost their plush comfort. Complete this process regularly, at least on a monthly basis.

Similarly, evaluating your cabana designs is also important. If the volume of guests your resort hosts begins to increase or decrease significantly, you may need to re-design your space. You want to ensure that the area can accommodate everyone without looking empty and deserted. Keep an eye on your waterside areas to evaluate overflow, wait times, and how people gather around your cabana outdoor furniture and make adjustments as necessary.

Why Resorts Turn to Teak + Table

Teak + Table is the retailer of choice for resort designers and managers. Not only do professionals recognize us for our high-quality pieces, but our exclusive Furniture Trade program provides exclusive benefits to your business. With trade pricing options, you can secure lower prices for luxury resort furniture, which helps increase your ROI.

Additionally, you'll receive early access to our newest pieces, enabling your establishment to stay ahead of the latest trends. Provide your guests with a trendy and relaxing environment with our custom furniture design options and get assistance with our complimentary design assistance. We'll help you create a cabana design that exceeds guest expectations, increasing your resort's "wow" factor.

We construct our furniture using only the finest materials. These include grade-A teak wood, which is weather and pest resistant and famous for its amazing durability. You'll also find sturdy materials such as powder-coated aluminum, all-weather resin wicker, marine-grade rope, and more. Due to the durability and weather-resistant materials of Teak + Table furniture, you'll have to replace items less frequently.

Investing in high-quality cabana furniture upfront will save you from frequent unnecessary and costly replacements in the future. You'll spend less on regular maintenance as you won't have to send your team out to repair the furniture as often as with lower quality brands. This is one of the greatest ways to increase your ROI.

From chaise lounges to outdoor dining sets, sofas you'll love to sink into, and complete cabana packages (frames and shades included), we have everything you need to complete the guest experience.

Cabana Design Tips

When choosing between various cabana designs, no two hotels or resorts are alike. Consider where you intend to place your cabanas, whether poolside or near the ocean. If you have waterside dining, you'll want to include table and chair sets. Chaise lounges allow for basking in the sun, while cabanas provide the shade that guests and their children need when it's time to take a break.

Additionally, guests are often willing to pay more for privacy, which is another excellent way to increase your ROI. Consider spacing your cabana outdoor furniture at determined intervals so that your guests don't feel like they're on top of each other. Alternately, you may want to create an ample family space for reunions and big vacations, with multiple cabanas that face each other to encourage a sense of togetherness. Our concierge-level design partners can help you create a custom space based on your vision and the needs of your resort. When you accomplish these goals and everyone is happy, your ROI will rise.

Join Our Furniture Trade Program Today

The Teak + Table Furniture Trade Program is open only to professionals and businesses. You'll get discounts on your first order, white-glove delivery and set-up service, free space planning, and so much more. When creating upscale cabana designs and purchasing new resort furniture, turn to Teak + Table for the results your company needs to increase ROI today.

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