Restaurant Furniture: Our Guide to Comfortable Yet Functional Seating

Restaurant Furniture: Our Guide to Comfortable Yet Functional Seating

May 13, 2022Mike Whittenberger

Choosing the right commercial outdoor furniture is essential to creating the perfect ambiance in a restaurant. It's common for dining establishments to have waiting lists on busy nights, patio seating options, and outdoor bars for customers to gather. The key to keeping diners satisfied and ensuring they return is to provide them with a warm, welcoming, and, most importantly, comfortable space. Picking restaurant outdoor seating and decor can seem tricky, but it doesn't have to be. There are excellent options for functional yet comfortable restaurant furniture these days.

If you're a design professional, restaurant manager or owner, or developer, Teak + Table has the commercial outdoor furniture you need to complete the look and feel of any space. Our Furniture Trade Program provides you with access to contract-grade outdoor restaurant furniture, concierge-level service, and trade pricing. We're able to help you with custom designs and complimentary space planning.

Keep reading to learn more about why comfortable restaurant furniture is so important to your business, how to pick outdoor seating that matches the style of your space, and the benefits of partnering with Teak + Table.

Why Is Comfortable, Functional Restaurant Outdoor Seating Important?

As a designer or restaurant professional, you know the importance of creating a space that your guests are sure to love. From the best food and drinks to having an excellent atmosphere, even the smallest details can make or break your business. Customers want to feel valued and appreciated, and to enjoy their time at your establishment.

To complete their experience, comfortable yet functional outdoor restaurant seating is an absolute must. It provides an area for overflow, so guests are more likely to hang around if you have a wait time. Additionally, many people prefer a roomier environment during their meals, which may be quieter and less crowded. While you can't always ensure this experience inside, where the goal is to design a set-up with as much seating as possible, creating an outdoor dining space is the perfect solution.

Alternately, outdoor seating can be both more intimate or more casual, depending on the style of furniture you choose. For date nights and special occasions, diners may prefer a unique experience that allows them to take in the scenery that surrounds your restaurant. For friends meeting up for appetizers and cocktails, outdoor seating can provide a more laid-back vibe that encourages conversation and laughs.

While we know that outdoor seating is certainly functional and a great way to elevate the ambiance of your restaurant, it's also essential for the space to remain comfortable. When outdoor restaurant seating is comfortable and luxurious, it invites guests to stay longer. This can lead to more drink orders on a ticket, increasing the revenue and profit at your establishment. Additionally, when diners lounge in comfort while they enjoy their dishes, they're more likely to remember your spot in a positive light and return more frequently. This helps to establish a repeat customer base, again ensuring that your revenue and profits remain high.

How to Pick Outdoor Seating That Matches the Style of Your Restaurant

Whether you're designing an outdoor dining space for the first time or are re-doing your existing set-up, it's crucial that you choose restaurant furniture that matches the style of your business. There are several elements to keep in mind when achieving this goal.

Stick with Your Color Palette

If your restaurant has signature colors, stay on brand when selecting commercial outdoor furniture. You want to maintain continuity throughout your entire space, both indoors and outside. The outdoor seating area should match whether your restaurant features rich, dark tones or light and airy hues.

If you're unsure how to do this or feel the color palette may appear too busy, choosing neutral-colored seating is always a great choice. It can offset a space that's too dark, particularly at night. Additionally, it's sure to match any color scheme you already have implemented.

Choose the Right Textures

Another important aspect when choosing the right outdoor restaurant furniture is to consider the texture of both the new furniture and your existing pieces. For example, white finished metal may not complement spaces with lots of natural wood grains. Similarly, the natural grain is unlikely to mesh well in an industrial-style area with bold metal hardware and bare aluminum furniture.

It's also a good idea to focus on the seating surface itself. You want cushions that are comfortable but match the overall vibe. Whether you choose benches with a hard surface to complement the rest of your restaurant, or plush cushions for added indulgence, pick a texture that complements the rest of the space.

Focus On the Details

One of the most critical details of matching indoor and outdoor restaurant furniture is to focus on the shape of your seating options. Does the majority of your existing furniture feature sleek, straight lines? Or do you have more rounded pieces with soft edges? Stick with your current style when choosing outdoor pieces for a cohesive look.

When choosing outdoor restaurant furniture, matching the style of your restaurant is key. If the outdoor design and type of furniture clash with the seating options you have inside, it can make the area look cluttered, poorly thought out, and haphazardly put together. It can off-put customers, cause confusion, and lower the level of excellence you're trying to achieve.

The Durability of Teak + Table Outdoor Furniture

Not all furniture is created equally. When choosing restaurant outdoor seating, there are a few more things to consider, in addition to style, comfort, and function. Having furniture that's designed to actually be outside is essential. Outdoor restaurant furniture faces more wear and tear than indoor seating and has to withstand the elements.

There's nothing worse than seeing rain in the forecast and rushing outside to move or cover your patio furniture. It takes time away from your staff, attention away from current customers, and is cumbersome and stressful. Additionally, you may not have anywhere to store the outdoor furniture if you have to relocate it to a safer space.

For these reasons, you need durable outdoor restaurant furniture that's built to last and made with the highest quality of materials. When you shop Teak + Table for your high-end pieces, this is precisely what you get. What's the secret? Fine teakwood construction that can weather the storm.

The Benefits of Teakwood and More

You'll get only the best restaurant furniture when you partner with Teak + Table as your design and trade experts. With a vigorous Quality Assurance process, we can assure you that our commercial outdoor furniture will be everything your establishment requires and more. We use only grade-A teak, powder-coated aluminum, all-weather resin wicker, marine-grade rope, and other high-quality materials when crafting our luxurious pieces.

Our various collections feature stylish and durable restaurant outdoor seating options, including sofas, lounge chairs, tables, chairs, chaise lounges, and other accessories in a range of styles to meet your needs. Each piece is as durable as it is stylish and as comfortable as it is functional. It's everything you can ask for in restaurant furniture and then some.

Our name, Teak + Table, says it all. Teak is an elegant, tropical hardwood known for its durability and water resistance. This makes it ideal for outdoor use. Teakwood contains natural oils that provide protection from rain while also featuring termite and pest resistance. You don't have to worry about refinishing our pieces with varnish or additional oils as you may with other outdoor furniture, as the wood naturally wards off weather damage in its pure form.

Teakwood has a natural stability, which means that it won't warp or crack, even when left outside. It features a tight wood grain that makes it the wood of choice for countless outdoor uses. Common uses of teakwood include boat decks, cutting boards, flooring, countertops, window frames, and even house frames. The wide use of teakwood in such products proves its durability over time.

Designing and furnishing an outdoor dining space is a significant investment in your restaurant. The price should always justify the quality and durability, which you get with Teak + Table pieces. Investing in high-end restaurant furniture now protects you against having to replace items due to wear and tear continuously in the future. Ultimately, buying luxury outdoor furniture saves money in the long run as you can rest assured that Teak + Table collections will last for years to come.

Join Our Furniture Trade Program Today

Become a Teak + Table Trade Program member today, and you’ll gain access to our exclusive program benefits. Simplify making commercial outdoor seating part of your restaurant design vision. You'll get early access to new products and promotions, white-glove delivery service, space planning tips from our design experts, and custom outdoor furniture to meet your needs upon request.

From beachfront restaurants to mountain-top ski resorts, we design our furniture to last–wherever you are. Create an upscale atmosphere with outdoor seating that will delight your guests today.

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