Garden Design Ideas to Go with Your Teak Garden Furniture

Garden Design Ideas to Go with Your Teak Garden Furniture

May 31, 2022Mike Whittenberger

Adding teak garden furniture to your outdoor space is an excellent way to ensure you maintain an all-natural look without sacrificing quality or design. With the right garden design ideas, you can create your own personal oasis that reflects your unique taste. Natural furniture brings out the very best in your landscape scenery without taking focus away from the beautiful greenery and flora you choose to add to your backyard.

At Teak + Table, we provide customers with natural furniture constructed with grade-A teak wood that fits perfectly with this scheme. Featuring natural wood grains and a neutral yet stylish look, you'll feel like you're in paradise every time you step outside.

Keep reading to learn more about teak garden furniture and garden design ideas to match.

Teak + Table Furniture with Natural Vibes

Several of our collections feature natural furniture that will complement your garden designs perfectly. Light and airy, with a low-profile yet high-end style, these pieces fit wonderfully in any outdoor space.

The Atlantic Collection

For a contemporary style that's simplistic and durable, the Atlantic Collection at Teak + Table features honey hues and stunning wood grains. It has a sophisticated style reminiscent of coastal shores and trendy resorts but perfect for your residential space. Upgrade your garden design with an array of chaise lounge chairs, side tables, loveseats, and more.

Choose from lush upholstered seating options and versatile, functional accent tables that bring an earthy, organic feel to your space. The Atlantic Collection provides pieces that are sure to match any garden with its natural look while looking sleek and classy.

The Barbados Collection

The name of this Teak + Table collection says it all. Bring high style to your garden area with pieces that incorporate modern aluminum frames in neutral colors and sleek minimalist design elements. Bring the feel of the Caribbean right to your patio with a range of items like club chairs and tables.

The Barbados Collection takes the idea of island living to a whole new level. Built with materials meant to withstand chlorine, rainwater, and more, you can place these items in your garden with ease, knowing that they'll stand the test of time.

The Capri Collection

The Capri Collection at Teak + Table brings you pieces for ultimate relaxation. With rocker chairs, each piece is bespoke with natural grade-A teak wood. If you're going for more of a rustic vibe and farmhouse feel in your garden, this is the collection for you.

With great attention to detail, the Capri Collection provides beautiful lounge pieces that match any space. It looks like absolutely effortless style while maintaining exceptional comfort while you tuck yourself away for some R & R in your garden.

The Cayman Collection

Another tropical-inspired collection, slip away into pure bliss when you relax with a Cayman Teak + Table piece. With folding chairs that you can move at your leisure, you'll never miss the best sunny spot to lounge in. The Cayman Collection features reclining chairs and dining sets that our designers curate to perfectly place in front of your garden backdrop.

Tips for Exceptional Garden Design

While choosing the best teak garden furniture is one part of creating the garden sanctuary of your dreams, there are several other tips to keep in mind as well. We're here to provide you with an array of garden design ideas and suggestions to put together that natural haven you're craving in your outdoor space.

Choosing the Right Flowers

Flowers are a key component of any garden, but not all will suit your needs. It's important to note which flowers you choose are annuals and which are perennials. Annual flowers will bloom for just one season, meaning you'll need to re-plant new arrangements each year. Perennials continue to bloom year after year, meaning you won't need to re-purchase or get your hands dirty every season.

Consider Native Plants

Choosing plants native to your region is an excellent way to ensure that your garden design flourishes in your environment. Steer away from invasive plants that can take over your space and crowd out other design elements. Native plants are more likely to stand up to the elements as they naturally emerge in your area.

Additionally, native plants help the environment. They can attract natural pollinators, hummingbirds, and other friendly ecosystem elements, all while looking beautiful and cohesive with your surrounding environment.

Take Spacing Into Account

When browsing the local garden center or nursery, consider that many of the plants and flowers available for purchase are in the seedling stage. While they may look small and dainty now, they're sure to grow in size once they're in the ground and adequately cared for.

Note the full expected size of each plant and the required spacing. When planting, it may seem like there's a lot of extra space, leading you to think the area looks empty. However, as your plants grow, the spaces will fill in, and a full and lush garden landscape will begin to surround you.

Pick Colors That Inspire You

Another essential part of implementing the best garden designs is to choose plants with colors that inspire you. Are you looking for bright florals that spark a sense of passion, or do you prefer lots of calm greenery to soothe your spirit and mind?

You can mix and match as you wish, choosing a vibrant color palette of pinks, corals, and yellow. Or, alternate between classic greens with splashes of color here and there. Whichever you prefer is perfect for your outdoor space.

Will Teak Furniture Wear Out In Your Garden?

Many people worry that it will require rigorous upkeep when choosing teak furniture. However, that's what's so wonderful about our selection of natural furniture. Our grade-A teak wood is known for its water and pest resistance due to the tight wood grain and its natural oils. That means that your new furniture will weather the rain, wind, and even snow just fine.

Teak outdoor furniture is an investment in your place of garden relaxation. It's resistant to fading and warping, and our upholstered seat cushions are waterproof. There's no more rushing outside to bring in your outdoor furniture before a storm and no more worrying about cracks or splinters after just one season. Teak outdoor furniture won't wear out in your garden due to its amazing durability and a perfectly suited design for outdoor use.

Shop Teak + Table Today

Shop our signature collections today if you're ready to elevate your garden design with teak outdoor furniture. Made in the U.S.A., we're a family-owned business that's provided families and establishments with the highest quality items since 2016.

The vibes of our natural furniture will match your outdoor space seamlessly, all while providing comfort in style. Find luxurious pieces at industry-leading prices. Each Teak + Table furniture item comes protected by a five-year warranty against manufacturer defects and structural issues so you can purchase with total peace of mind.

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