Outdoor Bar Furniture - Creating the Right Outdoor Bar for You

Outdoor Bar Furniture - Creating the Right Outdoor Bar for You

Mar 09, 2022Trevor Ferguson

Good hosts know that backyard entertaining in style starts with high-quality outdoor bar furniture. When you host a gathering in your outdoor space, furniture is part of what sets the mood and creates ambiance. Luxury patio furniture can help elevate your next event and turn your backyard into a destination spot for family and friends.

If you love entertaining indoors or out, you probably know all about good food and drink. When the weather is nice, your latest showstopping culinary creations and cocktails deserve to be served in an upgraded outdoor space. Your guests will enjoy your take on the latest TikTok recipe trend or your signature old fashioneds even more on premium outdoor furniture.

When you think about what an on-trend outdoor gathering looks like, you probably picture the contemporary coastal furniture you see at many luxury beachfront resorts. Poolside teak chaise lounges and premium outdoor bar seating and tables come to mind. For many people, this furniture reminds them of fun beach getaways and lazy afternoons in the sun. That's precisely the kind of atmosphere you want in your outdoor space.

Upgrade Your Entertaining With Outdoor Bar Furniture

Being an excellent host means making your guests comfortable. At any gathering, people want to have a cozy place to sit and have food and drink close at hand. It's hard to look fabulous for Instagram when you've got a plate of food perched on your lap. Outdoor bar furniture is a perfect solution.

For skilled home mixologists, a bar for outdoor entertaining is a must. If you've got a built-in bar in your backyard, it's a waste without outdoor bar seating. Your guests will love sitting at your bar while you serve them mojitos and palomas. A bar-height outdoor table is a great substitute if you don't have a bar.

For a larger outdoor space, it can be challenging to know how to furnish it. Decorators recommend creating a few defined activity areas, and a bar is a great choice that instantly makes the space feel more fun. For a large backyard, you might have an outdoor dining area, lounge area, and bar. You get to enjoy these features of your outdoor space every day, and when you're entertaining guests, it's easy to cultivate a party atmosphere.

Bar tables are also an excellent choice for entertaining in small spaces. These bar-height tables make use of the vertical space in the area.

So Many Styles of Outdoor Patio Furniture for Your Bar

When people talk about outdoor bar furniture, they're referring to bar tables and chairs made from materials suitable for outdoor use. Bar-height tables or "pub tables" are between 40 and 42 inches in height. Chairs are considered bar height if they fall between 28 to 30 inches tall. Luxury bar furniture is made from materials like fine teak and premium outdoor wicker. It looks chic, reminds people of fun in the sun, and can stand up to pool water and outdoor elements.

Built-in bars are a big trend in outdoor home spaces. They may be part of an outdoor kitchen complete with a sink, fridge, oven, grill, and other conveniences we associate with indoor dining. It makes it possible to get even more enjoyment from your outdoor space and makes entertaining so easy. Your outdoor kitchen and bar aren't complete without the perfect bar stools. Whether you're making cocktails for friends or serving up steaks fresh off the grill to your family, bar chairs help you enjoy this cool feature of your home.

Outdoor bar chairs and stools are designed to work with bars and bar-height tables. Stools work well in tight spaces because they can be tucked under the table or bar when not in use. Bar chairs usually have a chair back for added comfort. Some bar chairs feature weather-resistant outdoor cushions.

If you don't have a built-in bar, an outdoor bar table works just as well. These tables are available in round, square, and rectangular shapes. Round bar tables make it easy for everyone to get in on the conversation, and since there are no corners to waste space, it's a good table shape for a more compact area. Square bar tables also work well in smaller spaces and are great for gathering a few close friends. Rectangular bar tables allow you to seat more guests, and they fit perfectly in more lengthened outdoor spaces. Extendable bar tables are great for versatility and can be expanded for entertaining. It gives you a big surface for displaying heaping platters of seafood at dinner parties.

Best Outdoor Bar Furniture

Check out our roundup of the trendiest contemporary coastal bar tables, chairs, and stools. You'll want these looks in your backyard right away.

Capri Bar Table & Capri Bar Chairs

If you're looking for a bar-height table outdoors, the Capri Bar Table is perfect. This premium teak rectangular table seats four to six guests and is so sleek. The outdoor bar-height chairs from the same collection feature matching teak with Serge Ferrari sling.

Charleston Bar Table & Breeze Bar Chairs

This stylish 42" round teak bar table will shine in any outdoor space. Breeze Bar Chairs are made from luxury marine-grade UV rope in black and provide a vibrant and stylish contrast with the chair's teak base.

Friday Bar Stool 5 PC

This envy-inducing bar set is perfect for that small nook in your backyard you're not sure what to do with, outdoor patios, and other compact spaces. Backless stools don't take up as much space as traditional bar chairs.

Tips and Tricks: Get the Perfect Patio Furniture for Your Outdoor Bar

Putting together your outdoor bar takes some planning. We've got a few tips to help choose the right outdoor bar furniture.

  1. Measure your space. It's so frustrating to order furniture and realize it's too large or small for the area once it's delivered. Getting out your measuring tape before clicking "add to cart" is a good idea.
  2. Pick bar furniture that fits with your other outdoor dΓ©cor. If you're starting from scratch, you have a blank canvas, but when you add new furniture piece by piece, you'll want to make sure nothing you buy clashes with what you've already got.
  3. Create continuity with your indoor space. You don't have to match exactly your indoor and outdoor furniture, but more and more, people want these spaces to feel connected. You can get in on this trend of seamless indoor and outdoor spaces by choosing outdoor furniture with cushions that coordinate with your indoor color scheme.
  4. Get inspiration from outdoor bars. Was there a cool outdoor bar at the hotel you went to on your last vacation? Does the trendiest restaurant in town have a cool patio bar you love? If so, stop by or look at pictures online for inspiration.

With these tips, you're sure to take your outdoor dining and entertaining to the next level.

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