Picking the Right Patio Furniture for Small Spaces - Balcony Furniture

Picking the Right Patio Furniture for Small Spaces - Balcony Furniture

Apr 08, 2022Trevor Ferguson

When looking to design the outdoor oasis of your dreams, especially on a balcony, you want to choose the right patio furniture for small spaces. While it may be tempting to press "buy now" on larger sets, patio furniture that's too oversized can make it feel cramped and crowded if you have a small space. Instead, look for pieces that complement the area, making it feel light, breezy, and comfortable.

Small balcony furniture doesn't have to sacrifice any style. Patio furniture for small spaces is just as trendy, stylish, and versatile as full-sized sets. However, there are a few tips to keep in mind when designing your balcony. Teak and Table provides a variety of luxurious collections to choose from, delivering fine outdoor furniture straight to your door.

Keep reading to learn about small space patio furniture and see what pieces we recommend from our selection.

How to Pick the Right Outdoor Furniture

Picking the right outdoor furniture comes down to a few things. Those things include personal taste, correct measurements, and selecting the best pieces to accommodate your needs.

Choosing Your Style

The first thing to do is decide on one cohesive style for your balcony or small patio. For example, do you want to create a forest feel with lots of natural wood materials and outdoor plants? Or, you may be looking for something modern featuring dark neutral colors and straight lines. One thing is for sure, no matter what patio for small spaces you choose, you want to ensure that it's both comfortable and durable.

Measuring Your Space

After you choose the style you're going for, the next thing to do is measure your balcony. Remember that you'll need to leave room for any doors to open and for people to navigate the small floor space available outside without bumping into things.

The general rule is that you need 36-inches to 2-feet of walking space on your pathways. Remember to measure door clearance if you don't have sliders and to leave room for any additional decor items you may want to add, such as greenery, tables, lighting, and more.

Once you know the patio furniture style you want on your balcony and know how much you have room for, it's much easier to begin your search and narrow down your options.

Choosing Materials & Other Considerations

The last step in learning how to choose small space patio furniture is to decide what materials you want the pieces to be, the accents you want to add, and what must-have features you need from the items.

Some people go for the classic all-natural light wood look, which is coming back in style. Others go for pieces with a metal base or even pieces made from marble. There's no wrong way to go as long as you're getting the furniture that meets your needs and helps create the balcony of your dreams.

Also, consider additional items you may want to add to the space, such as an electric fire pit, an umbrella, side tables, patio lanterns, and more.

Teak and Table Furniture That's Perfect for Your Balcony

Here at Teak and Table, we help countless customers find the best outdoor furniture for small spaces like your balcony. We have many Teak outdoor dining sets, which makes it easy to put together an entire look with searching for matching pieces that can be hard to find.

Here are three collections we recommend checking out for small patio furniture.

The Barbados Collection

The Barbados Collection at Teak and Table features several compact tables with individual chairs, so you don't get stuck with a set of four when you only have room for two. These are our favorite picks from this line.


The Barbados Director Chair

MSRP: $449.00


The Barbados Teak Side Table

MSRP: $349.00

The St. Barts Collection

St. Barts pieces at Teak and Table feature a prominent aluminum design, dark and sleek and perfect for standing up through storms. There's a minimalist look to it, providing just what you need without the frills in a way that still looks trendy and modern.

The dining chairs below are excellent if you're looking for simple, functional seating. What's even better is that they're stackable, meaning you can store them in the corner to keep space open on your balcony and only set them out when necessary


The St. Barts Stacking Dining Chair

MSRP: $429.00

The Charleston Collection

The Charleston Collection features charming pieces in that natural wood finish popping up in all the home decor magazines. Excellent for those hot summer days, the light and airy colors bring a breath of fresh air.

Grab a piece with seating for two and a small table. Cozy up with your loved one while enjoying a drink and gazing at the lovely summer sunsets.


The Charleston Collection Outdoor Loveseat

MSRP: $1,899.00


The Charleston Round Side Table

MSRP: $349.00

Decorating an Outdoor Balcony


The Relax Teak Lantern

MSRP: $199.00

At Teak and Table, we won't leave you with just the furniture. We also have a wide range of accessories and decor items to complete your space. We have it all, from warm glowing lanterns that create evening ambiance to umbrellas and fire tables.


The Levante Bamboo Center Pole Umbrella

MSRP: $749.00

Using compact outdoor lighting is essential when choosing patio furniture for small spaces. You can place it right on your center or end table, so it doesn't take up more room on the floor. Umbrellas provide shade on those days that may seem just too hot to handle, and a fire table can bring people together for great conversation and laughs.


The Lunar Fire Bowl

MSRP: $1,449.00

Bear in mind that when selecting patio furniture for a patio, you may have to sacrifice some of your wants to meet all of your needs. For example, your balcony may need four seats, which leaves less room for extras like a fire table. However, should you have limited seating needs, you'll have more room to add some fun and stylish additions.

Shop Teak and Table Today

When you shop Teak and Table for all your balcony decor needs, you can rest assured that you're getting high-quality products at industry-leading prices without sacrificing design, quality, speed, or service.

Browse our collections today and let us help you create the oasis you've been craving.

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