Here's What You Should Know about Teak Adirondack Chairs

Here's What You Should Know about Teak Adirondack Chairs

Jul 15, 2022Mike Whittenberger

There are many options when choosing the best Adirondack chair. They're a classic option for outdoor furniture, yet modern Adirondack chairs offer even more features and benefits. From higher quality wood, like teak Adirondack chairs, to sturdy hidden hardware, you can get durable, comfortable, and stylish pieces for your deck or patio. All while maintaining that timeless look that makes these chairs so popular.

When you buy modern Adirondack chairs for your outdoor living space, you're making an excellent investment for years to come. These days, there are a variety of new styles to meet your taste and needs, as well as a range of prices to please your pockets.

Teak + Table has the best Adirondack chairs for every home. We use only the finest construction materials and pride ourselves on offering high-quality, lasting pieces that make a statement. As a family-owned business operating since 2016, we keep the needs of our customers in mind, selling only pieces we would bring home ourselves.

Keep reading to learn more about the history of Adirondack chairs, why they're among the most popular type of outdoor seating, their astounding durability, and helpful tips for creating a relaxing outdoor seating area using this type of outdoor lounge chair.

What Are Adirondack Chairs?

Adirondack chairs are outdoor lounge chairs that use solid wood construction, featuring a unique and specific style. The chair's backrest features vertical wooden slats, usually on a recline, allowing you to lean back and relax. They have tall backs and wide armrests, which provide the ultimate comfort. Rest your head back after a long day and gaze up at the calming night sky with a mug of your favorite tea or glass of wine in your hand, and enjoy the generous support these chairs have to offer.

Similarly, the seat of the chair uses horizontal wood slats that are incredibly sturdy. Resting on a solid wood frame, you'll feel secure as you take in all your surroundings. The front edge typically has contouring that provides your knees and thighs with additional support, helping create an ergonomic arrangement that relieves stress from your body. Generally, the best Adirondack chairs have a low profile, resting close to the ground.

The History of the Adirondack Chair

These chairs are somewhat iconic, and you'll find them everywhere, from residential patios and poolsides to beachfront resorts and outdoor restaurant lounge areas. Inspiration for these chairs dates back to the early 1900s when a man named Thomas Lee owned a home on Lake Champlain in the Adirondack Mountains.

Lee designed the chairs to withstand a more rugged environment, as he was highly in tune with the natural environment. While Lee originally named the chair the "Westport Chair," over time, people came to call them by their modern name, the Adirondack Chair.

Why Are Adirondack Chairs Popular?

While many furniture trends come and go, the Adirondack chair remains popular more than 100 years after its inception. Many attribute this to the pleasing design, the visual aesthetic, and the lasting durability these chairs feature. The neutral style tends to fit anywhere, and the functionality is unparalleled. These chairs make a classy statement while providing a traditional look that reminds everyone of their favorite American summer.

Thinking back on the years, you'll likely remember your favorite lake spot, beach house, or wraparound deck sporting these elegant chairs. Something so simple yet so significant. These chairs make a statement that's both effortless and always in style. Their comfort, minimal maintenance, and ability to withstand the elements make them so popular today.

Another thing that makes modern Adirondack chairs so popular is that they're now available in various colors and stains. Whether you're searching for the natural wood grain these chairs are famous for or want a pop of vibrant color in your backyard, you can find an Adirondack chair that suits your taste. As time and trends move forward, so does the appearance of the Adirondack chair. Yet they retain their original form and function, making them the perfect addition to your outdoor seating space.

Can You Leave Adirondack Chairs Outside?

Adirondack chairs, by definition, are an outside piece of furniture. You're unlike to find them inside the home, though some pieces may boast their most popular traits. When buying modern Adirondack chairs, people want to know–can these remain outside year-round? What about poor weather? Will they hold up to wind, rain, and snow?

The great thing about Adirondack chairs is that they feature materials that are sure to stand up to the elements. The sturdy wood of teak Adirondack chairs provides a hefty weight, making them extremely unlikely to tip over or blow away even on the windiest days.

The grade-A teak wood Adirondack chairs you'll find at Teak + Table is resistant to water, UV rays, and more. Due to its fantastic durability, artisans have used teak wood for centuries. Featuring a high-tensile, tight wood grain full of natural oils, the chairs remain resistant to warping, splintering, cracking, or fading, even when left outside for extended periods. That means that when you shop for teak Adirondack chairs, you can be sure you're getting pieces that will last.

While Adirondack chairs use solid wood construction, some modern takes on the chair include upholstered cushions for extra support. If you choose to add cushions to your seats, make sure they're designed for outdoor use, and check the chair instructions to see whether or not they're water-resistant. You may have to bring cushions inside on wet and rainy days or move them to shelter should the wind pick up. Adding cushions to modern Adirondack chairs is a purely personal preference. Still, it's crucial to note proper care for the accessories to ensure these components remain in good condition along with your new chairs.

How Long Do Adirondack Chairs Last?

Before investing significantly in the best Adirondack chairs, many people want to know how long these outdoor furniture pieces generally last. Frequently replacing damaged or worn-down chairs can be costly, cumbersome, and an outright hassle. It's likely that other outdoor furniture, you notice, lasts for only a few seasons before it starts looking worse for wear. This can leave you feeling frustrated and even defeated after spending money on furniture you love.

The good news is that the average Adirondack chair will last for approximately ten years with the proper care and treatment. When using the best construction materials, such as teak Adirondack chairs with stainless steel hardware, you can even expect to get fifteen years of use out of the items. Your family can enjoy your new seating area for many cookouts, poolside days, and nights of conversation to come.

Teak Adirondack chairs won't splinter or warp, and the wood won't rot even after periods of rain. Teak wood is also famous for being pest-resistant, meaning bugs like termites will stay away. You don't need to cover your chairs when they're not in use or move them inside during inclement weather.

It's important to note that some outdoor furniture pieces that tout the name "Adirondack chair" do not feature the classic heavy wood construction. You may find items at discount stores that claim to be Adirondacks but are made from cheap plastic and filler materials. These items will likely need replacement as soon as one year after purchase. For this reason, it's essential that you look carefully at the material of the chairs you purchase. Cheaper doesn't always mean better, especially when getting the best Adirondack chairs.

Tips for Creating an Outdoor Gathering Space with Modern Adirondack Chairs

You may be sold on the look and durability of teak Adirondack chairs but remain unsure of where or how to place them in a way that best accentuates your outdoor space. We're here to provide a few helpful tips and ideas, enabling you to create the oasis of your dreams.

First, think of how many chairs your space requires regularly. Do you need a spot for you and your partner to sit together and enjoy the sunset, or are you looking to create a space where friends and family can join for revelry and fun?

Sometimes, just one or two Adirondack chairs on a front porch can provide the perfect seating arrangement while adding a touch of class and curbside appeal to your home. Look out upon the neighborhood as the fireflies begin to blink in the distance and have intimate conversations with your favorite person.

Or, use them around your pool as the perfect resting place for sunbathing, sipping lemonade, and watching the kids swim and play. Buy an entire matching set so that the whole family has a place to throw their towels or take a break from the excitement of a pool day.

Another excellent seating arrangement for Adirondack chairs is to place them around a fire table or fire pit in your backyard. This encourages people to gather and stay for hours as they enjoy each other's company. Having such a set-up can make your home the gathering place of choice as you host the best get-togethers of the year.

Shop Teak + Table Today

Teak + Table has the best teak Adirondack chairs to complete your outdoor seating arrangements. With items in-stock and ready to ship, you can enjoy the entirety of the warmer months and well into the pleasant Fall weather.

Each item comes backed by a five-year warranty so that you can shop with total peace of mind. Browse our complete collection today and get modern Adirondack chairs that are bound to be your new favorite pieces of outdoor furniture.

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