Maintain Your Outdoor Space with a Folding Dining Table and Chairs

Maintain Your Outdoor Space with a Folding Dining Table and Chairs

Jul 22, 2022Mike Whittenberger

Collapsible dining tables and teak folding chairs are excellent space-saving options that make it easy to maintain your outdoor space. Having folding dining tables and chairs can be ideal if you're limited on floor space, have a small outdoor balcony you're looking to furnish, or need to maintain versatility on your patio or deck.

At Teak + Table, we have a variety of folding dining tables and chairs that are compact, easy to maneuver, but big on style. We never sacrifice quality or design and are proud to bring consumers the most innovative outdoor furniture. Our matching sets provide an effortlessly cohesive look and offer superior function. They're sure to last for years and to keep your loved ones dining in comfort for many meals to come.

Keep reading to learn more about how collapsible dining tables and teak folding chairs make it easier to maintain your outdoor space, why this style of dining set may be right for you, and a few of our favorite items.

How Collapsible Dining Sets Make It Easy to Maintain Your Outdoor Space

A folding dining table and chairs can make outdoor maintenance easy and hassle-free. You may have limited space to furnish, and it can become frustrating to decide which pieces are must-haves and which are luxury items. Luckily, you don't have to choose when you have a collapsible dining set.

When you have dining sets you can quickly move, it makes many outdoor tasks simpler. Whether you need to routinely power wash your patio, spray for weeds, or trim the hedges, having a large and heavy dining set can hinder the process. You may get stuck working around your outdoor furniture, causing missed spots or a less-than-perfect outcome. Or, it may become a hassle to recruit help for moving heavy items out of the way and back while you complete your maintenance.

If you have a landscaping company, moving outdoor furniture may not be part of their services. Not only does this mean that they, too, will have to work around the items, but you can risk damage to your prized dining set if workers aren't paying close attention.

The ability to move a folding dining table and chairs easily takes all of these headaches out of the equation. When it's time to complete your regular outdoor maintenance, simply collapse your items and move them off to the side. When your tasks are complete, moving everything back to its proper place is no problem.

When Folding Outdoor Furniture Comes In Handy

Even if outdoor maintenance isn't an issue, other scenarios make having a collapsible dining table and teak folding chairs ideal. For example, if your outdoor living space is small, you can pop your dining set up only when needed and then neatly store it away when your occasion is over. This is especially handy for apartment living and those who have townhomes with small patios.

Additionally, you may not require lots of outdoor seating daily, but enjoy hosting summer parties and get-togethers. Having collapsible furniture is an excellent solution. Instead of renting tables and chairs from an expensive company, you can pull your very own right out of the garage or shed when you need them. Give your guests comfortable, luxurious, and stylish seating for your event that neatly stores away when the gathering comes to a close.

Other people love their outdoor dining set-ups but notice their needs change over time. Your large and lavish outdoor dining set may seem great now, but as the kids get older, they may want to pull out the slip-and-slide for fun in the sun on a hot afternoon. This can be prohibitive when your furniture is taking up all the space in your yard. Collapsible dining sets solve your problem instantly. Fold up your table and chairs and let the kiddos go wild with their outdoor play before returning everything to its proper place.

Teak + Table Favorites

We have a variety of teak outdoor dining tables that collapse when necessary. Our artisans design each item with the highest-quality materials, including grade-A teak wood, stainless steel, powder-coated aluminum, and more. This means that while you may have to sacrifice space occasionally, you'll never have to sacrifice sturdiness or durability. And you'll certainly never have to sacrifice style.

Check out our three favorite collapsible dining tables and chairs.

1) The Edisto 36" Folding Dining Table (Round)

The Edisto 36-inch folding dining table retails for just $499.00 and features an elegant, clean appearance. Customers love this piece for condo balconies and boast that it folds quickly and easily. Perfect for parties of two, yet suitable for up to four, this beautiful table can withstand all weather conditions for your peace of mind.

2) The Cayman Sling Folding Chair

The Cayman Sling Folding Chair retails at $429.00 and comes in your choice of three colors (white, taupe, or black). With a teak wood frame and batyline material for the seat and back, this chair is lightweight yet extremely sturdy. Best of all, it's resistant to heat, UV radiation, and wear and tear, so you'll never have to worry about fading or rips.

3) The Cayman Folding Teak Chair

Also part of the Cayman Collection at Teak + Table, this folding teak chair perfectly matches the Edisto collapsible dining table. The full MSRP is $369.00, and the piece is both handy and practical. Grade-a teak wood showcases a beautiful, natural grain and adds a classic look to any living space. Seat cushions are available separately if you want to add upholstery to the chair, yet many find that the exquisite teak wood is enough to stand alone.

Shop Teak + Table Today

Teak + Table is synonymous with luxury and durability. We're a family-owned business, operating since 2016, with all our products made in the U.S.A. Each item comes backed by a five-year warranty that protects you against manufacturer and structural defects.

Our high-quality materials ensure that your new folding dining table and chairs will withstand the weather season after season. The simple functionality allows you to decorate small outdoor living spaces with the ultimate style and beauty.


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