Ledge Lounger



The Signature Chair offers timeless simplicity for your poolside seating. Easily set it up on your tanning ledge (0-9 in.) and start enjoying the view in your own outdoor oasis. Its clean and balanced aesthetic complements the carefully curated design of your outdoor space, so you can enjoy sitting on your pool’s tanning ledge in style.

In contrast to the Signature Chaise, this in pool lounger chair offers a more upright seating angle, so you can better enjoy your view. Ergonomically designed for your comfort, it also provides exceptional lumbar and neck support. And its durable construction ensures it can withstand the elements, so you can keep enjoying your favorite moments by the pool for many years.

Let the Signature Chair be your go-to spot for rest and relaxation and enjoy an unparalleled poolside experience.


Water depth is important because each of our luxury outdoor loungers & in pool products are designed for a specific water depth. If used in a depth outside of the recommended range, the products will not work as intended. More specifically, if you were to place the baja shelf chaise lounge on a ledge deeper than our recommended depth, it is highly likely that the product will float.

To prevent this issue, we recommend confirming your ledge depth before finalizing your purchase. 


43”L x 20"W x 36.5”H | 33 lbs empty | 133 lbs full


Please inquire with cs@teakandtable.com for lead times.


  • Always use a soft bristle brush or cloth when cleaning
  • For routine cleaning, just use water​
  • For a deeper clean, remove from the pool and use a mild household cleaner and eraser sponge​
  • Remove calcium buildup with a calcium removal product​


Products shall be free from material defects, and shall not splinter, crack, chip, peel, or rot for two (2) years from the date of purchase for both commercial and residential use.