Cary Collection

Cary Collection

Our new Cary Collection has been a long time coming. We love the look of weathered teak and often get asked for it but needed to find a way to create greyed-out teak that stood up to our rigorous standards. Enter the new Cary Collection!
Featuring double-wrapped durable UV rope, the greyed teak compliments the cool, coastal modern aesthetic. The Cary Collection comes complete with your choice of Sunbrella cushion. 

Our Weathered Teak 

When we cut lumber from the center of our teak trees (where A Grade teak is located), we're left with a lot of lumbar that does not qualify as "A-Grade. We try to be as sustainable as possible so decided to take the leftover lumber and transform it with an environmentally-friendly Rubio Monocoat into our newest collection. 

The Rubio Monocoat is a durable, plant-based wood finish that gives the look of weathered teak without actually having to age it. Bonus: because this line is made from high-quality leftovers from other lines, we're able to offer it at unbeatable prices and you can still expect a 10-15 year lifespan from this collection. 

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