Small and Large Teak Tables for Social Gatherings

Small and Large Teak Tables for Social Gatherings

Nov 19, 2021Trevor Ferguson

When you are searching for teak outdoor tables for sale, you need one that meets your entertaining needs and delivers high style. Designing the perfect outdoor space for social gatherings is effortless with TEAK + TABLE’s bespoke teak furniture.

Gathering outdoors with family and friends is the perfect way to make memories. The backyard is a place where friends catch up, children run and play, and families connect. Your outdoor space should be as stylish and sophisticated as the rest of your home. Teak tables are the perfect way to gather with those you love while showing off your good taste.

Before you host your guests, start by creating an outdoor space that is functional, cohesive, and chic. Teak tables are versatile and can work with almost any décor from beach houses to country homes. Whichever style of décor that suits you will work with our fine furniture. Our grade-A teak is durable and can be enjoyed all year. It stands up to the salt and water in marine environments as well as sleet and snow. Teak is stain-resistant, which makes it ideal for entertaining. When you outfit your backyard with teak furniture, you know that it will keep your outdoor space looking sophisticated season after season.

As you select a teak table, think about how many people you want to entertain in your backyard. Industry professionals use measurements to determine how many people a table can accommodate. We have compiled the guidelines for rectangular, square, round, and oval tables below.

For rectangular tables, you can expect the following seating capacities for each size:

  • Up to 6 people: 54- to 66-inch length
  • Up to 10 people: 72- to 84-inch length
  • Up to 12 people: 96- to 108-inch length
  • Up to 14 people: 120-inch length

For square tables, you can expect the following seating capacities for each size:

  • Up to 2 adults: 24 inches
  • Up to 4 adults: 30-42 inches
  • Up to 8 adults: 48-54 inches

For round tables, you can expect the following seating capacities for each size:

  • Up to 5 adults: 42-inch diameter
  • Up to 6 adults: 48- to 54-inch diameter
  • Up to 8 adults: 60-inch diameter
  • Up to 10 adults: 72-inch diameter

For oval tables, you can expect the following seating capacities for each size:

  • Up to 8 adults: 72- to 84-inch length
  • Up to 10 adults: 96- to 108-inch length
  • Up to 12 adults: 120-inch length

*Note that these recommendations are based on standards for family dining, which allow 24 inches of table diameter for each chair, and they do not apply to formal dining standards, which require 30 inches per chair.

After you have determined what size table you need, you can start thinking about style. Browsing design magazines or blogs for inspiration can be helpful if you are not sure where to start. You might also take stock of what you do not like, which will allow you to narrow down your options. When you have a design vision in mind, you can figure out which of our bespoke teak tables will help you create an elegant outdoor space.

Small to Medium Teak Tables for Sale

Perfect for family dinners, cocktails with a few friends or morning coffee with your partner, small to medium tables provide an intimate setting for gathering loved ones.

30” Round Folding Table

Imagine having your morning coffee at this delightful table. Perfect for balconies or near the pool, the modern design instantly elevates any space.

St. Barts 40” Square Table

Both modern and traditional, this square table is great for catching up with a friend over a glass of wine or sitting down to Sunday dinner for a family of four.

Edisto 36” Folding Dining Table – Round

Want a teak table you can tuck away when you don’t need it? Both functional and sophisticated, our stunning Edisto table folds quickly and easily. Also available in a square shape with the same compact design.

Barbados 60” Rectangle

Gather up to six of your closest friends for a chic dinner party at this lovely and durable teak table. Crafted with care, this high-end table will impress your guests year after year.

Large Teak Tables for Sale

Large tables are for big families or people who love to entertain. To impress your guests, create a stunning tablescape on one of our high-end teak tables for your next dinner party.

Cayman Double Leaf Expansion Table

For provincial style, try this polished and versatile table. It comes with two leaves that allow you to extend the table length. Also available as a rectangular table.

Friday Double Leaf Table

Looking for rustic farmhouse chic? This is the perfect table for you. Like the Cayman table, it comes with leaves to allow you to expand the table as needed. Available in two sizes, a smaller one that seats 8-10 and a larger one that seats 8-12.

Drop Leaf Table

For when you want to facilitate good conversation among a crowd, choose this refined round table. The larger round table seats between 6-10 people. You can fold it up for quick storage, or the folded table doubles as a buffet or console table.

Capri Extend Table

This ultra-modern and sturdy table has sleek lines that will instantly elevate the style in any outdoor space. Perfect for outdoor communal dining, the larger version of this table seats 8-12. Like many of our large tables, it comes with additional leaves to help you adjust the size according to your guest list.

Barbados 82” Table

For all your al fresco dining needs, try this beautiful and refined teak table. The modern look paired with versatile teak will delight your guests.

TEAK + TABLE has stylish and versatile teak patio tables to help you throw social gatherings. We take steps to ensure that we produce consistent furniture for our collections. That way you can trust that any additional furniture you order from us in the future will match your teak table. We want to help you create an elegant backyard oasis.

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