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Wicker Patio Furniture - Teak & Wicker Make the Perfect Combination

Feb 14, 2022Trevor Ferguson

Teak and wicker patio furniture is perfect for your outdoor spaces. Artisans have sought out teak wood and wicker weaving techniques to make furniture for centuries, and we still seek them out today for the same reasons. Their enduring beauty, strength, and durability make them sought-after looks for any outdoor living space. For many people, this furniture means fun in the sun, from pool parties to outdoor barbecues to weeknight al fresco dining. 

When most people think of wicker, they think of natural rattan furniture, but “wicker” actually refers to a weaving technique, not a material. The first recorded use of wicker was in ancient Egypt. Artisans constructed furniture by weaving indigenous swamp grasses, and archaeologists have uncovered these pieces everywhere from middle-class homes to the tombs of wealthy pharaohs. Its status as a stylish weave for furniture endures to this day.

Natural rattan wicker furniture is a beautiful addition to your indoor space or fully enclosed porch, but if it’s exposed to the elements, it will quickly degrade. If you want all-weather wicker that can withstand outdoor conditions, you need high-quality resin wicker, synthetic wicker that is the gold standard for outdoor wicker furniture. It resists moisture, mildew, and mold and is designed to last just as long as other luxury outdoor materials like teak. 

For centuries, teak wood has been used as a durable material in buildings, boats, and furniture. Artisans and teak lovers alike value its durability in marine environments. Part of teak’s current popularity is due to the heirloom midcentury modern pieces from the 1950s passed down in families. People have seen how these pieces retain their beauty with age. Teak often develops a stunning silver patina with age that enhances its look.

Interestingly, the Victorians popularized outdoor living in style. They loved outdoor dining and lounging on teak and wicker furniture and used these pieces to create elaborate outdoor “natural rooms.” They made modern outdoor living fashionable. 

That’s something we can get behind at TEAK + TABLE. We make sophisticated, modern teak and wicker furniture designed for living lavishly outdoors. Learn more about these desired outdoor looks and why they have endured for so long from the coastal living outdoor furniture experts at TEAK + TABLE.

Benefits of Wicker Outdoor Furniture

The highest quality outdoor patio furniture uses UV-treated HDPE resin wicker. Furniture made from this material has many benefits for wicker lovers.

Long-Lasting and Durable

This high-quality wicker is designed to last for many years regardless of the climate. Outdoor wicker furniture retains its shape, color, and functionality for a long time. With proper care and cleaning, this resilient material can endure for years.

Weather Resistant

If you’re looking to invest in quality outdoor furniture, you want to know that it can last. Unlike natural wickers, resin wicker will not warp or deteriorate due to moisture. This material can stand up to the outdoor elements no matter what the weather report holds. The resin contributes to the water-resistance of this furniture. Resin wicker is often UV-treated so that it resists fading, too.

Manufacturers of outdoor wicker furniture advise that their products can be left outdoors even during colder months, and that’s true. However, you’ll extend the life of your resin wicker pieces if you store them in winter.

Ease of Cleaning

Routine cleaning helps your outdoor wicker furniture retain its beautiful appearance and contributes to its longevity. Its water resistance makes it easy to clean. It’s not difficult to remove dirt and grime. You don’t need abrasive cleaners. Mild soap and water are all you need to do the job well. Use a soft brush to scrub the wicker with the soap mixture and then rinse it with water. This will keep your furniture looking great for years of use. Avoid letting grime buildup on the furniture because it can be harder to remove if neglected for long periods.

Benefits of Teak Outdoor Furniture

The best outdoor teak furniture uses A-grade teak, the highest grade available, richly saturated with natural oils that contribute to its quality. People love this prized material for so many reasons. You’ll note that teak and wicker have several similar properties, making them excellent materials to mix in outdoor furniture design.

Long-lasting and Durable

For many, what makes high-quality teak so appealing is how long it lasts. Its natural oils help prevent chipping, warping, or other imperfections, increasing the likelihood that your furniture will endure for decades. Proper care will extend its longevity.

That’s why so many people regard teak furniture pieces as a good investment. Its durability also makes it a more sustainable choice for outdoor furniture because, with proper care, it can last a lifetime. You won’t be replacing your furniture every few years like with so many patio sets. If you can find teak that’s sustainably sourced, you can feel even better about your investment and know that future generations can take advantage of this luxury material.


The natural oils in teak make it resistant to moisture and sunlight. This strong hardwood is impervious to the outdoor elements, unlike other woods that become brittle or warp and crack. It can withstand extremely warm or cold temperatures. Like wicker, you can leave teak furniture out during winter. However, you’ll likely get even more years out of teak if you limit its exposure to harsh elements.


Teak resists pests and wood-eating insects like termites. Pests sometimes burrow into outdoor furniture and damage it in the process. Outdoor wooden furniture can be a lure that draws these destructive pests to your property. However, it’s unlikely to happen with teak outdoor furniture because its natural oils repel these insects.

Teak and Wicker Furniture for Contemporary Coastal Vibes 

Furniture made from teak and wicker instantly makes any outdoor space feel like a luxury beach resort. This mixed material furniture is a classic element of coastal design. This style is an ultra-chic take on beach house style and coastal living. This style takes its inspiration from the beach. It uses beachy colors and the natural materials that occur along coastlines and in tropical climates.


Teak dining table with wicker and teak dining chairs

 If you want this style in your outdoor space, teak and wicker furniture is a great way to do it. Teak has long been used in marine environments, and it’s the preferred material for yacht decks, forever linking teak with the luxe coastal lifestyles that inspire contemporary coastal design. Most sustainably sourced, A-grade teak comes from well-regulated teak plantations in Indonesia, a country with a tropical climate.

Luxury outdoor wicker is on-trend for contemporary coastal looks. It is hand-weaved from materials designed to replicate the look of natural wicker, a material long associated with beach houses and tropical climates that inspire this design style.

For a contemporary coastal look in your outdoor space, look for teak and wicker outdoor furniture with cushions in shades inspired by the natural landscape. Wicker furniture with teak accents looks sleek and modern and combines these two materials strongly associated with coastal lifestyles.

Top 5 Teak and Wicker Furniture Pieces or Sets

  1. Oyster Bay Dining Chair – This dining chair with deluxe cushions is perfect for anyone who loves entertaining alfresco style. Bring out the teak accents on this wicker chair by pairing it with a teak table.
  2. Caicos 4-Piece Lounge Set – Lounge in style with this beautiful teak and wicker lounge set. The teak coffee table echoes the X-pattern and teak accents of the sofa and lounge chairs.
  3. Havana Club Chair – This sophisticated club chair brings tropical style. Rich brown wicker is accented with teak armrests and feet for a luxurious feel.
  4. Oyster Bay Dining Set – You’ll love the look of this contemporary coastal dining set. The teak table is stunning and can accommodate up to eight Oyster Bay Dining Chairs.
  5. Caicos Sofa – This teak and resin wicker sofa is a luxury lounging experience. It comes with plush cushions upholstered with Italian performance fabrics in your choice of seven natural shades.

Things to Know Before Buying Teak and Wicker

  • A-grade teak comes from the center of the log, where the highest quality wood is located. Teak from other parts of the log is less attractive and durable.
  • Natural wicker is not suitable for outdoor environments. Look for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin wicker for your outdoor spaces.
  • Plantation grown teak from Indonesia is sustainable and overseen by the Perum Perhutani, a state-owned enterprise that oversees forest management.
  • Low-priced PVC wicker furniture is not durable and will not look as lovely as luxury wicker.
  • With proper care, teak can last a lifetime. Some people see it as an investment for this reason.
  • If you get furniture made from wicker or teak or mix these materials, make sure that the cushions are upholstered in a durable outdoor fabric with similar longevity.

Patio Collections from TEAK + TABLE

We may be known for our fine teak, but we’re just as excited about any luxury outdoor materials that can rival teak’s durability, beauty, and longevity. That’s why we’re excited about luxury wicker. We like high-quality materials that help us craft stylish, modern outdoor furniture. We especially love the look of furniture that mixes these two high-end materials, and that’s why we have so many collections that feature wicker teak outdoor furniture.

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