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Creating an Outdoor Oasis with Teak Lounge Sets

Nov 05, 2021Trevor Ferguson

Transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis with lounge furniture such as a teak chaise lounge, teak lounge chairs, or a teak dining lounge set. A durable and weather-resistant wood, teak lounge furniture can help you create an effortlessly stylish and comfortable backyard retreat where you can escape to for rest and relaxation. You deserve a backyard that makes you feel as though you have been transported to a 5-star resort, and we have you covered with how to create the perfect outdoor space for featuring fine, bespoke teak lounge furniture. We cover every aspect from backyard features like pools and firepits to putting together the perfect seating area.

Assess Your Outdoor Space

Is your backyard just a big patch of grass? Consider breaking up the space with features such as:

  • Decks
  • Patios
  • Fences
  • Trellises
  • Hedges
  • Large planters
  • Flower beds
  • Outdoor privacy screens

Adding these practical and aesthetic features can make the space more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as well as provide privacy and a sound barrier. A sense of privacy is key when creating an outdoor oasis. Making the space feel like a private retreat will give it a more luxurious and inviting atmosphere. Even if you live in an urban environment, you can use large plants and privacy screens to help you achieve much-needed privacy. These outdoor features will help you create a space that is the perfect backdrop for expertly crafted teak furniture.

Add Lighting

For those nights when you do not want the fun to end, find the right lighting for your outdoor space. Outdoor sconces or strings of lights can add elegance and illuminate your space. String lights provide practical lighting and cultivate a shabby chic atmosphere. You can also get lighting fixtures to highlight the beautiful landscaping around your yard.

Protect Your Guests from the Elements

When you are enjoying the outdoors, your comfort matters. During the hotter months of the year, bugs can make your outdoor space unbearable. Take steps to control them by eliminating standing water and purchasing citronella candles. If the bug problem is severe enough, you may want to enlist the help of a local pest control company. For sunny days, get an umbrella to shield any seating areas from the sun. Finally, if you want to use the space during colder months, consider getting a heating element like a fire pit.

Get Durable Teak Outdoor Lounge Furniture

The furniture is the most important part of creating a comfortable and stylish outdoor oasis. Teak has been prized for centuries for its sophistication and resilience, making it the perfect choice for your backyard. From marine environments to chillier climes, people with good taste rely on teak to furnish their outdoor spaces without fear of their furniture warping or cracking. With proper care, it can last a lifetime.

TEAK + TABLE Lounge Furniture

TEAK + TABLE has high-quality, durable teak lounge furniture that can withstand the elements. Featuring multiple collections in versatile styles, we know something is bound to catch your eye. We only use grade-A teak to create furniture because we love its resilience and beauty. Each item is inspected to ensure that our teak furniture is consistent. That means you can add to your existing teak furniture with additional pieces in the future without fear that it will look mismatched. Or you can make it easy and purchase a matching outdoor lounge set.

Teak Lounge Chairs

A teak lounge chair is the perfect spot for catching up with friends or a good book. You can pair it with an outdoor sectional or sofa or group chairs together to create a seating area. Use throw pillows and blankets, rugs, and coffee and side tables to tie seating areas together and create a coherent space.

From rocking chairs to club chairs, TEAK + TABLE lounge chairs come in different styles to help you create a cozy seating area that meets your high design standards.

Teak Chaise Lounges

When you envision your ideal resort vacation, you probably imagine a sparkling pool surrounded by fine teak chaise lounges. The picture of relaxation, a chaise lounge is a comfortable spot for sunbathing with a margarita, which is why so many high-end hotels place them poolside. No need to book a flight when you outfit your backyard with stunning teak chaise lounges.

The chaise lounges at TEAK + TABLE are expertly crafted and incredibly fashionable. When you need a chaise lounge that will help you chase the sun’s rays all afternoon, pick one of our chaises with wheels for easy transport. That way you can position your chaise in the exact right spot for sunbathing.

Dining Lounge Sets

A teak dining lounge set is the perfect space to gather your family and friends for every occasion. Both durable and comfortable, you and your friends can enjoy many meals and glasses of wine around a teak table. It is an elegant choice for any outdoor space. We love a teak table decked out with a table runner, tea lights, and flowers or simply bare for a clean minimalist look.

TEAK + TABLE offers fine teak dining lounge sets for every space, from small tables that are perfect for an apartment balcony to larges tables for big dinner parties on a modern deck. We have tables in the right size and style to accommodate your needs. Our collections of dining lounge sets are the perfect way to impress your guests.

backyard teak furniture by pool

Break Up the Space with Defined Seating Areas

A large outdoor space can be intimidating to furnish. Try breaking up the space with clearly defined seating and activity areas.

  • Pair two teak chaise lounges with an umbrella
  • Create a grilling area or outdoor kitchen set-up for entertaining
  • Place four teak lounge chairs in a circle atop an outdoor rug
  • Get an outdoor TV console
  • Combine a teak sectional with a lounge chair and coffee table
  • Outfit your deck with a teak dining lounge set
  • Add a fun feature like a pool, hot tub, fire pit, children’s play area, or game area

Creating seating and activity areas helps you make the best use of the space in your yard and makes refined entertaining so easy. Beyond the practical benefits, breaking up the space makes your outdoor area look more organized and aesthetic.

Decide on a Décor Style

People love using teak to create a beachy coastal vibe. If you like the coastal look, consider using your favorite tropical vacation spot as design inspiration. Teak, however, can work with a range of décor styles. Endlessly versatile, you can style the furniture to fit with the décor of your elegant home. From a rustic farmhouse look to a boho-chic retreat, adaptable teak furniture can help you create your vision.

A lush outdoor space is within reach if you use the right materials. Crafting an outdoor oasis is a gift to you and your family and friends. It provides the perfect backdrop for family quality time, catching up with friends, or throwing the social event of the season. From casual pool parties to polished garden parties, teak outdoor lounge furniture and luxe outdoor chaise lounges will make your guests want to kick off their sandals and stay awhile. All that’s left to do is grab your sunnies and put on your most fashionable resort wear for an afternoon of high style in the sun.

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